How to remove window tint?

Spokane Car Window Tinting

Even the best of window tints would serve you for a lifetime. At some point in time, it would wear out which means that you would need to remove it. As per Spokane car window tinting experts, the obvious signs in this regard are bubbling and purpling. The former does occur due to natural deterioration of the adhesive beneath. The other symptom does appear due to breakage of nonmetallic dyes. This cause the film to turn over to a purple color.  It would not take any special equipment so as to remove the broken window. There are some protocols you need to follow in relation to remove a broken window

  • Sharp knife or you might need a laser blade
  • Trash bags of black color
  • A nice hot day along with 3 hours of your time
  • An undiluted version of ammonia
  • Glass cleaner ( Windex)

Now let us explore the series of steps by which you can remove broken window tint

  • The process has to begin by slicing a couple of window pattern sheets from the trash bags that are black in color. The exteriors of the window you need to cover with soapy water and you can spray or smear it as per your preferences. The first plastic sheet you have to place against the soapy surface. The reason is that various types of films are going to have different layers. The trapping of heat inside the plastic sheet makes it a lot easy to peel it off
  • Next move towards the interiors of the window. Before you do this cover all areas. Then take out the undiluted version of ammonia and go on to spray it on the surface of the window. When you are applying this wear a face mask or it could be even when you are holding your breath
  • Once the procedure of spraying would be over, place on the plastic sheet flush against the window. This ensures that the surface appears to be soaking wet with ammonia. You can take a break for an hour and wait for the ammonia so as to soften the adhesive. The best course of action would be to keep the car in the sunlight with the rays of the sun facing it directly
  • After about an hour you can peel the film off. You can lift the window film from the corner. This could be undertaken with a razor or a fingernail. Then at a single go peel it as much as possible. You need to make sure that you are not going to do a lot of damage to the defroster lines. Do keep the film moist with ammonia so that it does not get hard all over again.
  • Once you have gone on to remove all the film, do wipe off any adhesive that remains on the window and you can wipe it off with a cloth or a paper towel. Do take off the plastic sheet from the outside and give the window one final wiping.