How can you defend yourself with the help of a knife?

These Damascus bowie knives are normally counted as fighting knives. How can you use them? There are rules to use a knife for the sake of protection. Evaluating your attacker, learning to draw out your knife all safely, properly holding your knife, using a knife as a distraction or hindrance, these are important tricks to use a knife if any person wants to shield himself from the attacker.

Evaluating and assessing your attacker

  • If you are into the fight with your opponent, then you should not be the one who will draw out his knife firstly. First, evaluate and closely assess your attacker. You should only take out the knife if you sense and smell a matter of life and death.
  • When your opponent is going to show his knife, then you can take out your defending tool. One should not draw a knife on any of unarmed attackers. Knives are made to protect, you should not involve this tool in any physical fights.

Safely taking out your knife

  • You should safely take out your knife. If it is a fixed-blade knife then the blade of that knife should be pointing right away from your body.
  • A firm grip has to be maintained. Be in the defensive posture while using a knife.

Properly securing a grip of your knife

  • It is the forward hammer grip which is one of the easiest ways to secure and hold the grip of any knife. It also depends on your fighting style as well as strength, the weight of your blade that which grip suits you.
  • If opting for a forward grip then you have to wrap your fingers all around and the blade has to face out pointing up at the sky. In the case of reverse grips, the knife blade is usually pointed downward. This reverse grip is not suggested for the beginners.

Keep your body safe when using a knife for defending

  • You have to keep your body safe when using any knife for the life protection sake of yours. Do protect your face and neck when the attacker is going to attack you. Try to transform your body minutely. Like you should bring down your shoulders as much in as you can and duck your head.
  • You should not spread your knife arm in an extended way and avoid leaving it to become vulnerable to be attacked. You can protect your neck, chest and stomach by using another hand of yours.
  • Moving on a constant basis is important. Keep facing your enemy all the time. Your knife should remain present in between your enemy and your body. You can circle right or left, you can move forward or backward while using a knife.

More defending usage of Damascus knives will be shared. Instead of making it an attacking tool, you can use it as a defending and shielding tool. Do not use it for a sake just to harm others and carry it for self-defense reason only.