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Story of the baseball legend ‘Babe Ruth’ is Inspiring – for Baseballism

It is a known fact that Baseballism is first initiated as a youth baseball camp run by four college teammates as a part of bringing back the community and teach the game in the right way for baseball aspirers. Later on, in the year 2012, Baseballism has been established as a premium baseball apparel brand and attained its own fame and reputation in offering various baseball related apparels and associates.

Inspiration: The entire Baseballism team is passionate towards the baseball game. Moreover, Babe Ruth is the most inspiring and admiring baseball player for all baseball aspirers. George Herman Babe Ruth was a professional baseball player played from America and spanned his career as baseball player for about 22 years in Major League Baseball. He was titled as ‘The Bambino’ and ‘The Sultan of Swat’. He was a left-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox but attained everyone’s attention and fame as a slugging outfielder for the New York Yankees. Babe Ruth achieved many records including batting record and pitcher record and is one of the greatest sports heroes in the American History. He is treated as All-time baseball player. For every Baseball player, Babe Ruth is the inspiring figure filling more sportiveness in energy among players. In remembrance of this great American baseball player, Babe Ruth League is being conducted as one of the tournaments in Baseball. Currently it is divided into five divisions namely

  • Cal Ripken Baseball – Age 4 –12 yrs
  • Babe Ruth Baseball – Age 13 – 18 yrs
  • Babe Ruth Softball – Age 4 – 18 yrs
  • Bambino Buddy Ball – Age 5 –20 yrs
  • Xtreme Fastpitch – Age 6 – 18 yrs

The Babe Ruth League has become an international baseball and a softball league for youth in Hamilton with around more than 60,000 teams and over 1.9 million volunteers. This program is an incorporated non-profit and tax exempted organization.

With the same spirit, to provide standard and quality baseball game tools, apparels and accessories in affordable price, Baseballism originated. Moreover, Baseballism informs the public to be aware of the fake baseball accessories available in market. Baseballism follows core values like Country, Class, honor, tradition. The logo is also designed in such a way to encourage every baseball fan. The logo is the ‘Flag man ‘art of the Iconic swing of Babe Ruth with a flag. It always remembers us to strive for the achievement of excellence in providing quality services and exclusive baseball products for the customers.

Many types of apparel include the Flag man logo and have become famous among most of the customers. Many customers are happy and satisfied with our products which include flag man logo imprinted on tees, caps, jerseys, etc.

The Flag: We take pride in representing the flag as it denotes the great America’s greatest history. It is the symbol of patriotism, strength and the unspoken bond for baseball players among each other through our love and affection towards the game. The flag man’s head id up righted indicating HOPE and positive future ahead for baseball game.